Friday, March 10, 2006

The Three Musketeers

If there is one positive to the 24/7/365 circus the mass media has become, its that public officials rarely escape scrutiny. While there is plenty of room to debate how scrutinized one politician or group may be in comparison to another, nobody gets away without what Chuck Schumer would refer to as a "cursory review." Accepting this, it's somewhat surprising that the local media has yet to raise any commotion over the refusal by three candidates for the highest office in the state to release their income tax records.

Let me state this clearly, I am by no means alleging any wrongdoing by Mr. Patrick, Mr. Mihos, or LG Healey. However, by refusing to make their records public, they cast a needless shadow of doubt over their respective candidacies. What's to hide? Refusing to release something as innocuous as income tax records only perpetuates the idea that office seekers are calculating and self-interested, instead of good-willed and public spirited. The Three Musketeers would do well to follow the lead of AG Reilly, release their records and dispel any notion that this campaign will be waged behind closed doors, as opposed to out in the open, where the people deserve.

Like Mayor Richard daley said, "Good government is good politics"


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