Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Laziest Congress Money Can Buy

Starting today, each week Congress is "in session" we'll be posting a run down for what the "people's body" has scheduled for floor debate. Knowing full well members of both parties are busy with fundraising (ahem), committee hearings, and re-election efforts, the floor schedule is the best measure available to the general public to determine what the House of Representatives (or as Republicans should call it, "The House the Hammer Built") is doing with their time. So, without further adu:

Monday - February 27 - The House is not in session

Tuesday - February 28 - The House meets at 2PM for legislative business, votes will be held on 7 suspension bills (non controversial bills supported by at least 3/4 of the House) including: the French Colonial National Historic Site Study Act and An Act Commemorating LITE (Lifetime Innovations of Thomas Edison)

Wednesday - March 1 - The House will meet at 10AM for legislative business, including votes of 4 suspension bills (including one which establishes January 2006, a month passed already, as "National Stalking Awareness Month") and consideration of HR 4167 - the National Uniformity for Food Act (NOTE: House is also in a Joint Session to hear Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi speak)

Thursday - March 2 - Whatever they don't get around to from Wednesday (really).

Friday - March 3 - The House is not in session.

So, the current government spends more than any other, does less than any other, and shows no signs of changing course. Where's Harry Truman when you need him.


Blogger PaineInTheArse said...

Don't blame the Dems, the rethug leadership sets the agenda. You should have seen Whip Hoyer groveling to his counterpart this morning to determine next week's schedule.

2:50 PM  
Blogger JumboDem said...

last thing in the world I am doing is blaming the Dems, they have no control. Just trying to highlight how little those who are in control, The Boehner Bunch, are actually doing.

And as sick is this is, when they paid me to do it, I loved watching Steny and The Hammer go at it at the end of each week.

3:13 PM  

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