Friday, February 24, 2006

The 'Cause I Can Candidacy ...

Many things can be forgiven in politics, except for being petty. Which is why Chris Gabrieli is making a serious mistake trying to line up the necessary delegates to appear on the Democratic ballot this fall.

If it had been Gabrieli's intention all along to run for the Corner Office, I would not characterize his actions as such. Rather, his entrance in to the race would have been welcomed. His past experience, although entirely unsuccessful, would make him a formidable opponent and his finances would ensure that if all else fails his message would have been heard and his face would have been seen across the Commonwealth.

However, its quite clear that Gabrieli's intentions, perhaps since as early as December 2005, as rumored by David Eisenthal, were to use his financial clout to secure a spot on a Democratic ticket with AG Reilly. When that failed, Gabrieli seemed to take it personally. I can see why ... our current LG never proved the ability to win even a State Rep's race, why should he be held to a higher standard?

Gabrieli's "campaign," if it amounts to that, is the culmination of much of whats wrong with politics, especially in Massachusetts. A campaign for the highest office in the state should be neither an afterthought, nor a vendetta. Gabrieli's is both. Further, the main argument in support of his candidacy is "Patrick can't win and Reilly slipped up." Well, Deval Patrick has proven he deserves more respect than that and last time I checked Chris Gabrieli's human too, so I'd simply say, "people in glass houses" Chris. Finally, lets try and follow the logic of the Gabrieli candidacy, "Patrick can't win and Reilly slipped up, THEREFORE ... I can" Anyone else notice the leap.

C'mon Chris, you're better than that, you're better than this. You've worked for good causes and done a lot of good for the party in this past, don't tarnish all that with a petty campaign that could eventually cost us our best shot at the Corner Office since I've been able to walk and talk.


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